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Menstrual Care starts with a free dialogue

Peach, the only fully organic tampon brand in India, approached us to set up their brand image as the only brand that initiated the dialogue for the need to break the taboo around menstruation. We walked an extra mile and set up their brand image to be the only brand that is a coming together of an entire ecosystem of women’s sanitary wellness - from menstrual talk to the care involved in the process of it.

Bold, eloquent, vivacious and fun

A comprehensive pre-launch campaign included: 
 - A Period Song: This song was curated with the sole purpose of being the period anthem that women can relate to, each time they are bogged about the phenomenon. Relatable lyrics, great music and a popular creative team came together to compose this song, that reached over 10k views in just a span of one day. 
- My Period Story: We set up a platform on social media platforms in the first phase to start off the dialogue on menstruation. A landing page that collected anonymous or public stories submitted by real women, with no age bar led us to collecting over 400 stories - which helped us collect a great amount of database which we could use later to promote the product per se. As a continuation of this, we as a team, went to the ground and engaged with both men and women with a quirky questionnaire around periods and captured the real essence of what it is like live in a world of ‘hush hush’ around periods. In essence, the whole campaign was “Let’s break the taboo, one story at a time.”

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