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Food for thought

For the CSR initiative for TLCH, we devised a campaign which is relevant to the F&B sector, both ways. Since on one side Akshaya Patra is known for their Mid-day meal scheme, which supplies free meals to under-privileged kids studying in Government schools, and on the other side The London Curry House is one the most popular restaurants in Bangalore - having an average of 800+ footfall on a daily basis - we put two and two together. Each customer at The London Curry House was urged to make a nominal donation of fifty rupees, which would feed about 4 kids according to the Akshaya Patra meal scheme, the good karma of donation came back to the customer right then - by a way of fifty rupee voucher that they could redeem in their next visit. This would not only mean that a good deed is done, but also that the good karma of it comes back almost instantaneously which means customer retention and eventual increase in business. Through this campaign, we raised funds that were enough to feed ten thousand children for a period of one year.

Colourful, attractive and mouth-watering

The London Curry House, rose to fame in its founding year itself, however their digital game did need a helping hand. We pitched in to redo their digital looks - the social media look and feel, enhancement of the brand’s personality and essentially bringing their brand to life. From our efforts, we could help the fun side of The London Curry House surface!

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