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The Complete Package

We are strategists, content experts, designers, developers, tech geeks and shameless foodies.

Our ultimate aim is to create experiences and execute strategies.

We are a coming together of youth, creativity, experience, novelty, talent and smart-work. But we also understand when the clients want changes.

Wonder if we missed the E in Creativ?

Meet Eeshan Arun who stole the E

Chief Executive Officer

Eeshan Arun

A photographer, a designer, web-developer and a salesperson, the extra E in his name stands for ‘Everything’.

Eeshan is a quick thinker. Simplicity is his strong suit, among the various collection of suits that he holds close to his heart. A University topper in International Business from the prestigious Warwick School of Business, he is a full time CEO, and a part time degree-hoarder. With five degrees already in his bag, the one that he will always pursue is the too of insanity. From understanding the market, bringing brands to life, and grooming his employees, he has done it all.

Suhasini Srirangam

Fondly known as Ms. Punny Wise, Su’s a people-person who is quick witted, every client’s pet and an unmistakable lover of filter coffee!

A graduate in English Literature, a singer and a yoga instructor, Su’s content and creative work are without a doubt rewarding, but her compulsive jokes are quite pun-ishing!

She heads the Creativ space in the firm but also is the unofficial brand ambassador of ‘book reading’ and mostly ‘rajma chawal’.

Arjun Chaddha

The only guy who wears a uniform to work (a black tee and jeans), and someone who has a contact for everything, Arjun loves food, memes and business.

Arjun’s OCD to design sense and intolerance to BS often come out in not so polite ways, but have helped the team in churning out great quality work. While he’s often mistaken as a party animal, he just likes his business meetings with a bit of fun!

Nayythan M Carvalho

While otherwise leading a simple life, Nayy-nayy has his webs spread far and wide with his geeky knowledge. He crunches numbers, while he is never crunched with them!

A techie at heart, and a number-guy by birth - Nayythan is our man for websites, codes, marketing and all things encrypted. Mostly mistaken as the incognito Prince of Mangalore, his discipline and accountability makes him the most reliable person in the room and hence is popularly entrusted with anything. ('Kuch bhi Carvahlo')

Aayush Agarwal

Someone whose overt ability to visualise seems to compensate his equal inability to translate ideas into words! His constant pursuit to crank up the notches of quality content makes him the Jedi of our creativity.

Originally from Chattisgarh, Aayush’s uncanny resemblance to a quintessential Punjabi and his demeanour to a Haryanvi, makes him a potpourri of North India. An extremely creative guy at a visceral level, his post processing skills have made our clients’ jaws drop, hearts stop and and rewatch all his videos from the top!

Noboday Ghosh

A senior designer, an artist, a guitarist, a vocalist, a swimming coach, dancer but mostly a master of complicating simple tasks because with so much talent, he often gets confused himself!

Our Bengali babu, Noboday, fondly autocorrected to ‘Nobody’, is our Jack of all trades who struggles with Benglish (Bengali-English), while effortlessly mastering every art he has ever laid his hands on. Always a ‘yes’ guy with work mode always ON, Noboday’s proficiency in various fields comes with his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Asif Hassan

A Saudi’s son, but a Kerala’s Kuttan, the youngest kid in our team, but the longest name yet - Asif Hassan Mohammed Muhammed Sali, has the superpowers of an Arabic tongue, lightning speed Photoshop fingers and spending all his money in a split second.

One of our foremost employees, Asif’s need to learn, compulsively shop Apple products and find new ways to be broke - have never known bounds. Not only are his designing skills top notch, so is his ability to sieve through the latest tech news and enlighten the team from time to time. A versatile and promising professional, Asif is also great friends with all customer care peeps!