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On yet another regular day of the usual churning and ideating the next useful product for the world, our tech counterparts Yoobikwiti Technologies and us – came up with an idea to make something for dogs. And why not?

There are many families worldwide, that invest so much of their energies and time into making a meaningful living – both for themselves and their dogs. Although it seems like bringing up a human toddler is more difficult than a dog, it is only a myth. To bring up a dog and that too, a wholistic upbringing is no child’s play. In fact, it is like having a child, who remains a child for an average of fourteen long years – giving immeasurable love, joy and wholesomeness to the family.

So, on one such regular day, what started off as an idea to build a social network for dogs – where a world full of dog pictures and contests among the many canines will flood the internet, grew into an all inclusive world for pet lovers and pet parents. For, isn’t it better to have a one stop shop for all your needs for anything, than to navigate across many platforms?

Some may call it laziness, but we call it smart utilisation of time and energy for increased convenience!

After days of brainstorming and endless discussions between Team Yoobikwiti and us, around what kind of an application will make it easier for pet parents’ lives – we zeroed it down to having ALL kinds of things covered on one platform. Come to think of it – from posting pictures to ordering dog food, from finding the next event for your pup to adopting or putting a dog for adoption – having ONE platform to answer all your dog needs! Sounds like a relief, right?

And hence, we went right ahead into making the relief a reality. A reality that we named – Boneafite.

However, with so many dog apps that are already out there, there had to be something that would make our initiative stand out. It is safe to say that while we did not try even a single bit to make it stand out, our whole idea of curating this app was unique in itself. Guess how?

Download the app and launch it. Register yourself – either through Google or by signing up using your email. Now, once you are a verified user, you start posting pictures (ONLY) of your dogs and garner votes from other users. After enough number of votes, the picture enters a contest called Pug-o-war. Every Pug-o-winner earns a bone, which is redeemable in our Pupository section (A list of all the service providers that are onboard with us).

So, see how this works? Every picture you upload is a rewarding experience. Plus, these rewards are Boneafite-exclusive too.

As a part of making this community grow larger and spread its reach wider, we constantly have new vendors getting on board with us, who are just as or more enthusiastic in making the canine community grow stronger!!

Not just the regular services, we have a whole section dedicated for adoptions. Boneafite is all about love and hence we strongly support the “Adopt – Don’t shop” policy. There are so many dogs that are yearning to go to a warm stable home, correct? So, why not make it a trustworthy source of bridging the gap between prospective pet parents and the foster puppies!!

All said and done, Boneafite is for EVERY dog lover out there! Whether you have a pup or are planning to get one, this is THE place to be, for you to take care of the most loving creatures!