About Us

Together we sail.

Our services are as diverse as the team gets. With a spirited young team that delivers coming-of-age branding, marketing, and every brand’s requirements – we believe in synergies!


Eeshan Arun

Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO, Eeshan Arun, has come to founding this company after being exposed to the Media Industry for almost over half a decade, as of today. His biggest inspiration springs from his innate passion for bringing up companies and ensuring their success. NativeCreativ also happens to be his foremost company, and hence, a very dear one to him. However, as a part of setting this up, during the initial days, he was a designer, content writer, and during his free time he practised walking on water too (just in case!).

Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Operations Officer


Account Manager

Suhasini Srirangam

Content Marketing Associate

Aayush Agrawal

UI / UX Designer

Asif Hassan

Social Media Manager

Yash Jain

Corporate Communication Associate

Shinjita Raju