A Visionary with A Heart of Gold

Eeshan Arun

Yes you read it right, it is our esteemed pleasure to bring the inspiring journey of Eeshan Arun, hailing from Bihar but born in Gorakhpur and spent his formative years in Bhilai and by his 3

rd grade shifted to Vizag where he stay put until his schooling. Eeshan moved to Bangalore for his under graduation from CMS Jain university in the Media Studies and holds an MSc in International Business from the prestigious Warwick Business School, London.  While the average person would probably be ecstatic once they hold a master’s degree, Eeshan however has a trail of multiple degrees and certificates in his name, it would certainly be unfair if I wouldn’t mention the list and here it goes- he is a PG diploma degree holder in Cyber Law and Cyber Forensics from National Law School of India University and recently completed a PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights from National Law School of India University. The hunger for pursuing academic excellence he claims is a family thing.

Eeshan realized his calling for entrepreneurship as early as in 8th grade he recalls, that each passing day the fervour to start his own business only became stronger and it became his dream to achieve ultimately. With such clarity in his dream his direction though was faded. But he says, “ In due course of my life, as I learned more, I grew a liking towards creativity and marketing. During my Masters in UK, I understood the basics and the principles which governed this space” . At this time he observed back in India there are many many small scale businessmen lack the expertise in the strategic skills and ideas or lack resources to achieve more than the required financial output. Eeshan understood the gap and started pitching his line of business wherein his venture will provide services in business models or marketing strategies and ideas at affordable prices various clients across various domains.

Eeshan Arun on the right

One can easily wonder if Eeshan’s venture happened by chance he quickly clears saying “ I believe one has to take control of his/her life and making the best out of the time, energy and capability that one has got. Definitely I pay the entire credit to the dream I envisioned each day and the vision I foresaw to make an impact on the business world through my enterprise ”. With his humble upbringing, Eeshan considers his father a hero who stood as an example to him in shaping his vision. One such humble teaching he recollects is, “ My father a Health Official commutes daily to his work which is 40 Kms away, by public transport despite having his own measures to commute. These day to day observations and teachings are what has taught me, how being grounded helps in becoming a strong person. I take each day at a time and my education, upbringing and experience into making the venture is not just a mere business idea – but an ecosystem of learning, teaching, bettering and collaborating, that is needed to make the world today a better place” we couldn’t agree more.

Eeshan Arun and Team

To start a venture that is rooted in his dream and made with lots of passion is a no mean feat, it was his time in 2014 at YouFlik (India’s first social network at that time), the direction in which the company was headed did not seem right to the company’s sustainability in this dynamic market environment. Eeshan recounts, “ With my team, we spent many sleepless nights in rebuilding the company with our relentless brainstorming and strategizing. At that time, I realised that my passion lies in  building companies from their start and watch them grow. That was my Eureka moment ! Off I went to start my own venture, that not only went through or rather is going through its own growth curve, but is also always a part of playing the pivotal role in some other company’s growth curve too!.”

Every entrepreneur will and has to face the challenges set in building the respective venture, likewise Eeshan recollects his way up, “ India, still being in the transition phase from the primary (agricultural) to the secondary (industrial) economy, services are not often given their deserved importance – especially one that involves intangible outputs like designs and consultancy. One other challenge which we faced in the beginning, and still do, is making any client understand what they can expect from us. There have been times where clients have approached us, discussed their business ideas, given us a year’s time and asked INR 1 billion as revenue into the company. While it is good to be ambitious, it is a non-negotiable demand to stay as close with reality as possible. My goal of starting this company is to bring a positive change in the marketing space and the industry today – by plugging in better content, design, ideas and values.” He further describes the turnover of his venture with much satisfaction, “ The company is garnering quite a humbling turnover from the time it has come into picture despite having about 800 start ups in just this industry. Having said that, if happy clientele were the measuring scale, which is the one I swear by – we can say we have been a 100% successful. To me, a happy client goes a long way!”

Eeshan is an undeterred entrepreneur and a risk taker, he believes in failures more than successes because failing is more real than anything else! “ So, if I fall, you’ll see me pick myself up more gracefully than the last time” he quips. With much learning and education, Eeshan is looking forward to enter the Social Entrepreneurship very soon. A restless entrepreneur that he  is he foresees that once his company is established, he would make use of his knowledge and expertise in the social venture. As a responsible citizen, Eeshan firmly believes giving back to the society is very important to him. It is worthy enough to mention that his company is tied up with Telangana Medical Foundation, where we take part in social activities which are aimed at providing education to those kids, who are suffering from learning spectrum disorders like Autism, etc.

When enquired on what keeps him stay motivated this high in his game, Eeshan says it is constant learning which is his strength and also his soul food that keeps him going extra mile to achieve his dream. It’s his motivation that enables him to achieve success with all his abilities and perform to his full potential but, “ Some times, gracefully letting go and upholding to my values, is succeeding. Because in the bigger picture, life is all about being a better person.” He further adds, “ In every aspect of life my ideals can never be touched, hampered or bent. Honesty, sincerity, integrity and trustworthiness form the core of my functioning. In no situation or condition will I bend them for closing a deal or moving ahead in life – because if I did, then am I really moving ‘ahead’ in life?”

In closing, Eeshan describes his success mantra is measuring his own success to the past points and learning from it or improvise it. In simple terms, he is his own competition!