The Vacationer's Cafe

Marketing, Ad videos, Campaigns.

Special November Menu
Special menu for November

One of the few travel based cafes in Bangalore – The Vacationer’s Cafe, at the heart of Koramangala – wanted to travel across the young minds of Bangalore to come and experience the spirit of travel contained in a cafe.

The cafe brims with joy, free-spirit and travel-love – but what it needed was for more people to experience these seldom-experienced joys, in abundance. From food photoshoots, ad videos, campaign videos to live music – through celebrating Friendship day and showing off No- shave November, we brought together all the elements of the cafe, garnished it with more colours and “Now Vacationers’ cafe doesn’t just brim with the spirit of travel, but with spirited travellers”, says Jinal, the founder of the cafe.