The Reunion Club

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Whitefield’s absolute favourite – The Reunion Club, is a vast open restaurant with a lip- smacking spread of menu across cuisines. At a time when TRC launched newly, we joined hands with it to help it grow – in name, fame and numbers too!

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From informative yet fun Independence Day Quizzes to heart-warming Father’s Day interactions, The Reunion Club saw a grand shift from visitors to re-visitors, only because they knew something was constantly happening there. The staff, the chefs and the customers – everyone not just felt happy, but important – as their stories were making an impact to the world around.

A special mention of how the staff felt, when we started to cover their stories must be shared, without a doubt. One gentleman, Mr. Gopal – has been working with them relentlessly for the last 25 years. One fine afternoon, when we went to cover his story, upon him asking us why is that even important, we said almost reflexively that, “It is service like yours that needs to establish both the greatness of the work environment and the greatness of your grit and diligence.” His smile that came right after, was that of satisfaction and we knew we struck a chord that will go a long long way!